Hello Monday: Updates on books I’m reading

I had quite some time in between my work today and by six, I’d read two books. Yes, I did finish reading A Cobra’s Bite Doesn’t Hurt by Anil Nijhawan and The Fae Prophecy by Toni Cox.


Rating: 4 stars

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Kalu, kidnapped from an orphanage at the age of fourteen and trained to pick pockets, is forced into a gang of thieves in Bangalore. When Babu, their ruthless gang leader, murders his best friend Ramesh, Kalu – fearing for his own life – runs away to Kolkata. While still being pursued by Babu he meets and falls in love with Tanya, a stunning and gifted career girl from an upper middle-class family.

This powerful novel presents life in contemporary India with vivid realism. Evocative and beautifully written, with a love story at its heart, it embraces a wide range of human emotions and has many intensely dramatic scenes.

My take: Oh, I love the ingenuity of this book! Who would have thought that it’d be in the form of a letter and not just any letter but one addressed to the Prime Minister of India and from a Street Urchin nonetheless. I love Kalu’s honesty and what hurt me most as I read this was how he took me along those streets in India, the hopes of children, the hurt and betrayal they experience at the hands of adults, the corrupt police and I was even angered by how the depiction of politicians in this book rings true for most of those in my country, Kenya. Same goes for the police!


Rating: 4 stars

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Amongst the chaos of the magical kingdom of Draeguard being attacked by strange dark magic, fae princess Dana discovers she has mysterious powers. To save her, the king begs her to leave him to his fate.

Now Dana must unravel the mysteries of her powers while fending for herself in a land she thought she knew all while finding a way to save her father and the kingdom.

My take: A fae princess is thrust into a world outside her comfort zone and all she has going for her is the desire to know about the blue magic she wields in her palm and who is attacking her kingdom. I love an adventure and this first book gives that and promises more. So, let’s just say that I was bummed that I have to read book two to have all my questions answered. The pace is fast and it’s got a bunch of mythical creatures from fae to shifters to elves and goblins.

I also added two new titles to my shelf because I couldn’t resist them, so sometime this month I’ll have to read these two:

Have an awesome week!

Live, love, laugh and drink plenty of water!


Updates on staying at home, life, writing and books

Hi, how are you doing?

It’s a Sunday here in Kenya and well, I woke up to this awesome remembrance of one of the fiercest warriors in Kenyan history- Mekatilili wa Menza and she’s being celebrated on Google today (right here).

Can you believe we’re in August? We’ve got 4 months to go and 2020 will be done and dusted and the greatest thing we’ll remember about this year is COVID-19.

There are a lot of things in between that rocked us, continue to rock us, but as a world, I have the feeling that whenever someone will mention 2020, Corona Virus would be the main topic!

So, how are you holding up wherever you are?

I’m healthy, safe, anxious, hopeful, scared and it’s all a mix of feelings and expectations at the moment. I’ve spent most of my waking days still working, praying, hoping, writing, reading, eating, trying to keep fit and all that.

On books:

Here are some of the books that I loved and would recommend, from how to heal from grief and loss in Ron’s book Hope when your Heart is Breaking to a djinn trying to escape the wrath of another powerful djinn in The Conjurer. If you love dragons and what fate means to mates, the I’d highly recommend the YA Fantasy, For the Crown by Melissa Mitchell.

I am currently reading:


And while we are at it, let’s just say that I’m yet to read:

On writing: I am learning that you cannot rush a story, not when you’re not in the right state of mind.

So, I am being kind to myself and writing whenever I can, wherever I am.

On consistency: I keep installing and uninstalling the 30- Day Fitness Challenge app in my attempt to work out at home. I love doing squats, a 20-sec plank and jumping jacks- and I am working on sticking to this, so wish me luck!

On love: I am loving myself more. Eating more fruits, drinking lots of water and it’s been fourteen days since I drank coffee- and in it’s place, I’ve had three cups of tea every day!

I am looking forward to meditating as well, since it seems that I can’t seem to wrap my head around this and consistently doing this.

I feel like the greatest lesson I have learned during this pandemic is that nature will always reign supreme and I need to reconnect with myself, my thoughts, dreams and most of all my soul and that journey terrifies me more than I’d ever explain.

Have a wonderful week ahead wherever you are. Sending you lots of love, light and best wishes.



Updates on life, staying at home, hopes and dreams of 2020

We have covered half the year. Now, if you would have asked me how I feel about this a week ago, I would have turned over the other side in bed and ignored you.

I was not having any of it- positivity, I mean.

Schools are closed, businesses are closing down, people are being fired from their jobs, families are losing loved ones, politicians are getting fatter, buying more stuff…sharing pictures of the lavish lifestyle they’re enjoying- and all I could think was ‘it’s unfair and wrong on so many levels.’

I woke up feeling a little better today. Truth is, I willed myself to rise out of bed, get out of the house and smile. I sat down and said to myself “I am alive. I can feel my toes, the air going through my nose into my lungs, my heart beat and for that I thank the heavens.”

The weekend is here and I have 5 new titles from Netgalley that I’ll try to read:

I am grateful for today, for the life and well being of the people I love and that’s enough to shed some light on my fears and doubts.

What are you reading this weekend? Better yet, where do you draw strength from in a time as this?