In the Shadow of LakeCrest; A Review

In the Shadow of Lakecrest by Elizabeth  Blackwell
Thanks NetGalley for giving me a free arc in exchange for an honest review
This book creates the kind of feeling that one would have had they been thrown into a labyrinth at night.
It starts out with Kate, a governess aboard a ship who comes across Matthew Lemont, a handsome, brooding rich gentleman and is swept off her feet, glad to know that her life of poverty is behind her. In their first meeting Matthew’s charms are evident, Why is it I’d rather talk to you than any other person on this ship?
Kate’s arrival at Lakecrest is met with disapproval from Matthew’s mother, Hannah and it is clear that she runs the Lemont family, and Kate soon learns that ‘it has been decided,’means that Hannah has had the final say and no one is to go against her decision.
On her first day Kate learns that there is the mystery surrounding the disappearance of Cecily Lemont, her husband’s aunt and she takes it upon herself to solve it.

I liked how Kate went about solving the mystery and her determination to discover the truth did not stop her from asking questions. It was brave of her to go against Hannah in her quest.

I did not quite get the incorporation of the insanity and depression theme- and this was evident in the characterization of Matthew Lemont, he came off as quite sinister as opposed to his mother’s puppet, which I think the author wanted to bring to light.

I was taken by the depiction of Chicago during the Great Depression and it created the historical world that I love reading about.

On characters, I did not really like Marjorie, Matthew’s sister, her flightiness did not strengthen the plot as much as I hoped it would.

I’m big on pace and story flow and this story has got the right kind of pace to keep you guessing and reeling with emotions in the quest for what happened to Cecily Lemont. It makes for a lovely read.


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