Naliyah by Shauna Kelley

Naliyah (The Vetala Chronicles Book 1) by [Kelley, Shauna]

This was a most welcome twist to the whole Vampire angle in YA.

Book blurb: For more than a century Lenora has explored the world, not fully human and not completely vampire, under the vigilant and oppressive gaze of her father. At night her dreams are occupied by a blue-eyed man she knows nothing about.
Not until she and her father arrive in Ireland does Lenora finally meet the man of these dreams.
Michael is everything she expected, and more. Despite her father’s stern warnings, Lenora quickly falls for him and finds, after more than a century of looking, something to live for.
With her father on a murderous rampage, determined to retain the power he holds over his daughter, and faced with impossible choices, will the secrets he has been keeping from her destroy them all?

I reached out to the Author through Booktasters on Twitter and her response was positive. I wanted to read the book because I was looking for something not so new, but a twist of sorts in a plot and I got it.

In this book, you have Lenora who has to feed on blood to survive and has traveled for centuries with her Father, because they cannot risk being discovered. She is lonely, timid at first but also very curious. She asks about their life and the constant need to move, and from the beginning you read about her dreams, the constant reminder that all is not as it seems in her life.

I loved the character progression. As the story builds up, the characters motivations are revealed which come as a surprise. For example, Lenora’s Father, he’s protective, all-knowing and a great planner but with time his motives for raising Lenora and constantly moving from one continent to another with her turn out to be the opposite of what he portrayed.
Lenora’s ability to stand her ground and admit her weaknesses made this an interesting read.
The dialogues are well written and I kinda loved Kevin, his wit and role as Michael’s best friend made the intensity of the last few chapters bearable.

It’s the first book and I’d love to see where this goes, especially where it takes Lenora, she’d be quite the leader. I would recommend this to anyone who is looking for a change in terms of the portrayal of vampires as blood sucking creatures who only have to suck you dry by biting your neck!

Get a copy:

Amazon: $2.99 here

Check out my Goodreads review: here


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