Indiscretion by Hannah Fielding

Indiscretion: An exotic and romantic epic family saga set in the 1950s riddled with secrets, danger and passion under the Spanish Sun (The Andalucian Nights Trilogy) by [Fielding, Hannah]

Having read Legacy last week, getting started on Indiscretion was like a kid getting to keep the candy store and I loved every single minute of swiping left on my e-reader!
The Author succeeds in revealing Spain to the reader in a colorful and passionate way unlike I’ve ever experienced before.

Having read Legacy, I found myself comparing the two male leads- and while Ruy in Legacy was relentless in his pursuit of Luna, here Salvador was more cautious if not hesitant. He loved Alexandra but he feared that his past mistakes and entanglement with the gypsies would put her in arms way and so he was hot and cold with her. At some point, I found Alexandra’s frustration to be my own!

I couldn’t keep gushing without sharing this awesome retweet, now could I? 🙂

All in all, this book succeeds in delivering passion, sacrifice and most of all the power of making decisions and sticking to them.

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