Please don’t change the price

Have you ever come across a book you wanted to carry home but couldn’t because you couldn’t afford it?


It happens to me every time I walk into a BookFirst section. It also happens to me every time I visit Amazon Kindle- and see all these great offers and nothing sucks as seeing 80% OFF! 

So, Amazon is pretty up in my list at the moment because I am broke…well, not officially broke, but I cannot buy any more paperbacks because I have to set aside the money for my studies and travel. Now, I decided that I would not buy any book- be it print or an ebook, because, this girl’s got to save, but oh no…Amazon had to remind me that a little setback in my savings account is not that bad, by having the 80% off screaming at me, like:

books please

So, here are 3 books that I sincerely hope will not have a price change by the end of the month!

Listen, if you’re reading this and are in good books with Amazon, let them know that I’ve got my eye on these three books.


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