A Review of October Song by David Berner

Got this from NetGalley as an arc, in exchange for a review 🙂

I am not a rock-n-roll person, but if there is one thing that Mr. Berner’s memoir succeeds in is compelling the reader to realize their dreams and in a simple way, he takes us on the journey of how he took that first step.

A brief look at the plot: You have David W. Berner, who is 57 years old, but in his early days (what he calls the vinyl era) he played rock n roll in a neighborhood garage band. He enters a national songwriting contest and quite unexpectedly is named a finalist.
But that’s not the half of it, David is called on to perform the song live at a storied venue for Americana music. Grabbing his old guitar and the love of his life, David hits the road, hoping to live out a musical fantasy he thought had been buried long ago.

I loved: the road trip and the trip down memory lane.
I related to: his account of his first love, Michelle, who simply left him a note in his locker saying they couldn’t be and she moved, well…if Michelle’s reading this simple heart felt review, ‘Woman! Please text or email, or tweet David and say hi :-)’ You can go the extra mile and buy a copy of his book and look for him to autograph it!

If you are not into music, this book would demand quite some attention of you, and I reckon that’s the down side, but I’m not saying you stop at that, read on because of how easy it is to connect to David’s humor, fears and most of all the way he gets excited when he’s got the chance to do something he always wanted.

Memoirs as reflections of lives lived, decisions made and lessons learned are not so easy to rate, but for the fact that this book is about never giving up on dreams and taking the chance to realize a dream you’ve always had, it gets four stars!
It has also persuaded me to listen to Bob Dylan, I don’t know what I’ll experience listening to his songs, but it’s definitely worth a try.


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