The Mango Season by Amulya Malladi

If you’d love an insight into Indian traditions and a family’s take on arranged marriage, then this would be right up your shelf.

Let’s assume that my love for mangoes made me want to read this book, because the recipe on mango pickle is one that I had mastered long before I read this book. You have a 27 year old successful young woman, Priya, going back home to India, because she cannot delay her trip home any longer and she chooses to visit during the mango season because her family gathers together and are joyful during this time.

Her sole purpose is to let them know that she would like to choose her future partner, as opposed to accept an arranged marriage, but what are her chances with an overbearing mother, a strict grandfather and many more cousins who have been there before her?

I’m glad that I got this off Netgalley; because I’d have missed out on a young woman’s desire to choose for herself against the beliefs of her family, her people, her country and more so the love that she has for the man she would like to be married to and the people who brought her up.

Get it on Amazon: here



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