36 Questions that Changed My Mind about You by Vicki Grant

This book will be released in October 17th this year and when I requested to read it on NetGalley, I was looking forward to two things : teen drama and a resolution to some kind of conflict.

I got both and then some.

The story begins with an experiment; two strangers, 36 questions between them and the assumption is that they’ll develop some kind of personal relationship, or even love, when they come to the end of it. Hildy is the first one to walk into the room, she is nervous and for her she hopes that in a way she will learn to draw nearer to people and not push them away. Paul on the other hand is moody. He wants to answer some silly questions, make forty bucks and walk away. Well, that’s what they think, but once they start going through the questions it becomes more of a conversation, and they become vulnerable, slowly opening up and leaning to each other for comfort.

It’s got your typical teenage angst and the rush to resolve things that’s evident in young people, which often leads to complicating matters.

I  loved: the fact that this felt like listening in on two people’s conversations. It got better because of how their struggles unraveled. Hildy was seeing her parents draw apart from each other and Paul was an orphan, making his way alone in life.

I did not like: the stereotypical way the characters were drawn. I almost wished that they swapped roles and personalities. For once, why couldn’t the girl be making her way alone in life, brooding and calling the shots (especially on making peace with the guy).

This book makes for a good read and in an awkward way, I’d love to try answering those 36 questions, not with a stranger but with my best friends Jill and T, I’m sure the answers would be epic!

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