Book Review: On the Same Page by Penelope Janu

Humor Romance/ 368 pages/ Brio Books

About the book:     Sometimes a girl just has to do what’s in her heart …
By day Miles Franklin, named after the famous author, is a successful lawyer. But by night she writes historical romance novels under the pen name Emma Browning. When Miles’s assistant covertly enters her boss’s novel in one of Australia’s biggest literary awards—and it wins—Miles’s perfectly ordered world is torn apart.
Lars Kristensen smells a rat. As the CEO of Iconic International, the company publishing Miles’s prize-winning novel, he’s determined to meet the author and uncover her true identity.
But Miles is equally determined to protect her privacy—and to keep writing—even if it means mastering pole dancing, and choreographing a love scene in the back of a horse-drawn carriage … Well, she is a romance writer, after all.

Miles has the grit to keep her secret, but Lars has the smouldering looks and arrogance of any romantic hero she has ever imagined.
Hmm. Sometimes a girl just has to turn the page …

My review: This book is a page turner. If you love historical romance and enjoy reading books where characters make literary references then trust me, you’d enjoy a thing or two about this book.

Miles Hamilton comes from a family of writers and her parents do not have an ounce of patience and love for historical romance. She tries her best to write anonymously but when her PA, Pippy enters her book into a contest, she learns that she’s got more than her heart to protect from the public.

It’s quirky, fun, enigmatic, light and full of suspense.

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Thank you Netgalley for the eARC.

The book is available on: Amazon and Brio Books

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