New week, new Books

So, Sunday just slipped right through my fingers and now as Monday rolls in, I am going through my list of books and here’s what I’ve got on my shelf.

I read:

Rated it: 5 stars

25…that’s the number of times Tyler Lockett invites you into his world through his words. He says it as he feels it and it only goes to show that sometimes a ray of light is all it takes to illuminate a dark tunnel. With poems where he asks you “how bad do you want it?” and you cannot help but sit back and ask yourself really what’s stopping you from going after your dreams. “Like Father like Son,” unravels the pain when cycles are maintained and not broken, endless years of hurt upon hurt on generations. “Fair shot,” simply had me undone with one phrase “imagine wearing a hoodie not to be seen, but instead people are scared of you.” He also does not shy away from talking about relationships and expectations. This would be a great companion in paperback or hardback for there are those insightful “notes to self” at the end of each poem and then workshop guides which include three or four questions to explore. Thank you Netgalley for the eARC.

I am currently reading:

I’d love to read these titles:

What titles are you reading or do you have stacked in your shelves?

New week, new Titles

It’s my second year sharing about books on the blog, so thanks WordPress for the happy anniversary wishes!

It’s a Sunday and I am grateful that this past week has been full of events and learning experiences. I haven’t read as many titles as I’d hoped but this coming week, I hope to enjoy some new titles that I’ve just requested off Netgalley:

They are:

  • Dragon Magic by Ava Richardson
  • The Desirable Sister by Taslim Burkowicz
  • The Daughter who Walked Away by Kimia Eslah
  • Burn it Down: Women writing about Anger by Lilly Dancyger

What are you reading this coming week?