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I read this because I needed a pick me up

What do you read when you are in a slump? 

I indulge in romance! Sometimes, I can read up to four titles to get back in the zone or simply to find some space that I can breathe in or function without giving in to mental exhaustion. So, I came across Lola StVil’s “Anything for Love” and dived right into Wyatt and Winter’s story.

Anything For Love (The Hunter Brothers Book 1) by [StVil, Lola]

About the book: Winter Bennett is on the worst date of her life, so she decides to bail and go home to her true loves: take out and Netflix. On her way out of the door, she spots her ex-boyfriend with his hot, new girl. Horrified at the thought of being seen, Winter does what any sane woman would do; she bolts into the bathroom and out the back window. 
Falling smack-dab in the middle of a sting operation wasn’t part of the plan, but that’s exactly what happened. And now, bullets are flying overhead. Thankfully, a sexy NYPD homicide detective by the name of Wyatt Hunter saves her. He is furious with her for ruining his operation but he’s even more upset when he can’t get her off his mind. Soon he falls for her–hard. Unfortunately, Winter’s heart has been broken and she’s too afraid to let anyone in. Does Wyatt have what it takes to get Winter to give love one more try?

Verdict: Heart free iconHeart free iconHeart free icon

Winter’s been hurt before by the man she loved and her walls are higher than she lets on and trusting another man is not easy for her, but Wyatt, is persistent. He does not give up on her, not when his desire for her makes things hard for him.

I’m big on talking so reading about a character like Wyatt who made time for conversation and really went after hearing what Winter had to say, that was a plus for me. I’ll say that there were some typos but that did not stop this story from getting me out of the slump I was in.

It’s two people learning not only to trust each other but to heal from the things that hurt them and with friends and family around.

I’d love to read Logan’s story (his story is the second book in the Hunter series) because here he’s depicted as the brother who up and leaves without prior notice. I would like to read about the woman who knocks him off his feet.

Get the book on: Amazon

About the author: Lola StVil is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author living in California. She enjoys spending time with her family and staying in touch with her readers.


Don’t Look At Me: A Review

I heard of this book through Bri’s blog ( check it out here) and I was hooked because it’s a modern retell of Beauty and the Beast, because why not?

Don't Look at Me by [Grider, J.P.]

Literature & Fiction/346 pages/ Fated Hearts Publishing/ 


A diligent hand carved this hole in my face.

It stole my confidence, my identity, and ended my short-lived career as a broadcast journalist. I am now unemployed. Alone. Ugly. And expected to get over it and move on.

Go on living life as usual—as if the world doesn’t judge the grotesquely unattractive.


It’s been three years since I was kicked out of the Army for nearly killing the opposition’s militia commander with my bare hands. I am now unemployed. Alone. Angry.

And expected to forget the nightmares that hold me hostage and move on. Go on living life as usual—as if the world doesn’t judge a dishonorably discharged ex-soldier.

Haven’s and Quest’s chance meeting courtesy of his grandfather ( a bookstore owner) makes this a delightful read. He’s angry and she’s grieving and with time- when someone steals the light in her eyes, he suddenly finds himself being protective of her, seeking to make her smile, bold, confident-again, but who said it’d be easy?

What stumped me was the pace variation, some parts of the book are fast and you expect a climax but then it fizzles back and you have to wait for it to pick up again.

All in all, what’s great about this retell is that it’s relevant now and realistic.

I bought the book on Amazon Kindle, it’s going for $4.99 now.

My take on it: Related imageRelated imageRelated image

About the author: J.P. Grider is a New Adult/Young Adult author who is a sucker for a good love story—whether it’s reading one or writing one. And when she’s not reading or writing a fairy tale, she’s living one with her husband, four children, and her two little Shih Tzus Auggie Doggie and Maggie May.

You can follow J.P. on Facebook at J.P. Grider, Author, on Instagram at @JP_Grider1, and on Twitter @JPGrider1, You may also shop on her website at jpgrider.com.

A Sometimes in Love Series by Melonie Johnson

I came across two books in the A Sometimes in Love series by Melonie Johnson on Netgalley and requested to read them because I love a character with an accent.

Cassie Crow, a pop-culture reporter for a TV talk show, is focused on becoming a “serious” journalist. But when she stumbles into a kilted Highlander with a killer accent, Cassie decides that taking one night off from work and spending it with a sexy Scot couldn’t hurt. Logan Reid has built a career on his charm, hosting a series of off-the-wall hijinks on the Web. But when the Scottish prankster meets the all-American, equal parts intelligent and irresistible Cassie, Logan realizes that one night of fun won’t be enough. Could it be that this career-focused, commitment-phobic couple is finally ready to take a chance at true and lasting love?

Rating: CoffeeCupSilhouetteOptimizedCoffeeCupSilhouetteOptimizedCoffeeCupSilhouetteOptimizedCoffeeCupSilhouetteOptimized

An interesting couple. Cassie is all about standing her ground and Logan is about working through his past. I do wish that there was minimal involvement of Cassie’s friends in this story and that the author gave more attention to Cassie and Logan’s growing chemistry- but then a girl also needs to have a life outside the feeling of being smitten by a guy. I received an electronic galley of this book and couldn’t wait to read it because I am all for guys with accents and here it’s Scottish!

Bonnie Blythe has modeled her life after her favorite books. If only her fiancé would get on the same page and agree to a wedding date.She’s not at all bitter that her best friend is getting married to a man she’s known for less than a year, and Bonnie most definitely isn’t thinking about the best man to be, Theo Wharton. It’s just whenever she talks with the blue-eyed Brit, sparks fly.

When a shocking reveal ends Bonnie’s engagement, she accepts a summer teaching job at Cambridge—only an hour away from Theo. Bonnie isn’t ready for a new relationship, but the chemistry between her and Theo is impossible to ignore. But Theo’s been hiding the truth about his identity; will Bonnie be able to weather the plot twist and grab the happily ever after of her dreams?

Rating: CoffeeCupSilhouetteOptimizedCoffeeCupSilhouetteOptimizedCoffeeCupSilhouetteOptimizedCoffeeCupSilhouetteOptimizedCoffeeCupSilhouetteOptimized

This is the second book in the series and oh, how I loved Bonnie and Theo. These two made this a delightful read and don’t get me started on Theo’s chivalry, politeness and tenderness because that right there is another thing all together. I could use some Brit charm myself!

PS: Did I mention that this book is loaded with Shakespearean anecdotes and some Austen too.

Pre-order the books: here

Book Review: Desire in the Everglades by Stacy Hoff

Desire in the Everglades by [Hoff, Stacy]

266 pages/ Romance/Soul Mate Publishing (September 2014)

Available in Ebook & Paperback on : Amazon

About the book: Stephanie Lang’s successful career as a television producer can’t give her everything she wants out of life. Her personal goals of writing a romance novel and finding true love languish. Emotionally scarred by her fiancee’s affair with her cousin, she doesn’t have the confidence to go after either goal again. At least she has professional confidence to fall back on; she is ready to produce the company’s next hit show.

But when her boss reveals what the show is about, a survival documentary starring a sexy hunk, Stephanie’s life is turned upside down.

Colin Brandt, billed as “The Evergladiator,” will tackle Florida’s Everglades with nothing more than his bare hands and a knife. Stephanie, instantly attracted to handsome, rugged, enigmatic Colin, worries he will not survive his twelve-day odyssey. If he does, he’ll win a million dollars. If he fails, his beloved family’s farm will go into foreclosure. Can Colin conquer the Everglades? And can he conquer her heart?

What I loved about the book: Colin’s humor and optimism. It countered Steph’s pessimism and caution. Just like the gods of romance demand, this would make you swoon and believe in the little joys that come with attraction and love, plus the settings provide two contrasts of New York and the marshy lands of the Everglades, but Colin’s experience in New York does make it seem more like a jungle than the Everglades.


About the author:  Stacy Hoff is the recipient of the 2017 Southern Magic RWA Gayle Wilson Award of Excellence. She is a writer, as well as an attorney. She has practiced law for two decades, primarily handling contracts. Romance novels have always been her secret passion. She writes her romantic stories until the wee hours of the night while her husband and two boys are fast asleep.
For even more about Stacy, you can find her on social media:
www.facebook.com/authorStacyHoff , Twitter: www.twitter.com/authorStacyHoff
Web: www.stacyhoff.com

Visit her Amazon author page for more titles: here

Book Review: On the Same Page by Penelope Janu

Humor Romance/ 368 pages/ Brio Books

About the book:     Sometimes a girl just has to do what’s in her heart …
By day Miles Franklin, named after the famous author, is a successful lawyer. But by night she writes historical romance novels under the pen name Emma Browning. When Miles’s assistant covertly enters her boss’s novel in one of Australia’s biggest literary awards—and it wins—Miles’s perfectly ordered world is torn apart.
Lars Kristensen smells a rat. As the CEO of Iconic International, the company publishing Miles’s prize-winning novel, he’s determined to meet the author and uncover her true identity.
But Miles is equally determined to protect her privacy—and to keep writing—even if it means mastering pole dancing, and choreographing a love scene in the back of a horse-drawn carriage … Well, she is a romance writer, after all.

Miles has the grit to keep her secret, but Lars has the smouldering looks and arrogance of any romantic hero she has ever imagined.
Hmm. Sometimes a girl just has to turn the page …

My review: This book is a page turner. If you love historical romance and enjoy reading books where characters make literary references then trust me, you’d enjoy a thing or two about this book.

Miles Hamilton comes from a family of writers and her parents do not have an ounce of patience and love for historical romance. She tries her best to write anonymously but when her PA, Pippy enters her book into a contest, she learns that she’s got more than her heart to protect from the public.

It’s quirky, fun, enigmatic, light and full of suspense.

Image result for wink emojiImage result for wink emojiImage result for wink emojiImage result for wink emoji

Thank you Netgalley for the eARC.

The book is available on: Amazon and Brio Books

Books you can read on the go

Stefanie Lockwood can repair anything, except her heart—that’s still recovering.

After a brutal assault leaves Steffi with puzzling memory lapses, she returns to her coastal Connecticut hometown to rebuild her life the best way she knows how: with her hands. But starting a remodeling business with one longtime friend puts her in the middle of a rift with another. Worse, being hired by her ex-boyfriend’s mother forces her to confront old regrets.

Public defender Ryan Quinn wasn’t shocked when his wife left him, but he was floored when she abandoned their daughter. With his finances up in the air, the newly single dad returns to his childhood home in Sanctuary Sound. The last person he expects, or wants, to see working on his family house is Steffi Lockwood—his first love who shattered his heart.

Although Steffi and Ryan are different people now, dormant feelings rekindle. But when Ryan’s concern for Steffi’s mental health prompts him to dig into her past for answers, will what he learns bring them together or tear them apart for good?

Get it on: Amazon $4.99

A heart-pounding novel of unspeakable crimes and unforgivable sins from the #1 New York Times bestselling author of The Sound of Rain.

Homicide detective Nicole Foster has finally balanced an unsteady life and is anxious for a second chance. There’s no better place to start over than at the beginning—back at her childhood home on the Washington coast, where’s she raising her niece and keeping an eye on her increasingly fragile father. But Nicole’s past is never truly behind her—not when a disturbing new case stirs dark memories of the haunting investigation that shattered her career.

In the middle of the hottest August in a century, a toddler is found dead inside a parked car. Her father says he forgot her. It’s an unthinkable crime. And for Nicole, it’s made all the more unbearable by her own suffocating secrets—those shared by an old rival who has reappeared from the shadows and is pushing Nicole to the edge once again.

Now, wherever the truth lies, solving this case and avenging an unforgivable death is the most important move in Nicole’s career. But to see it through to the end, how far is she willing to go? And what is she prepared to risk this time?

Get it on: Amazon $5.99

Casey Griffin’s Playing Her Secret Crush: A Short Review

Playing Her Secret Crush by Casey Griffin

About the book:

All her life, Katie has been chosen last for everything: the last picked on the playground, the last picked by her absent father, and definitely the last picked by boys—even her secret crush, Alex, friend-zoned her. This senior year, Katie is determined to come first. But then Alex asks her to help him find a date?!
Alex has been living life in the fast lane, but he’s ready to slow down—with a girlfriend. The last person on earth he’d consider? The girl his brother developed serious feelings for before he died: Katie. The only way Alex is going to get over Katie is by falling for someone new. And who better to help him find his new crush than the girl he can’t stop thinking about? 
What can possibly go wrong?

My Two-cents!

Such a sweet romance!
I read this book in one sitting because it’s got such a great pace and you can pretty much guess how things might go for both Katie and Alex. It’s as much about friendship as it is about trust and overcoming grief, and whereas the friends are great and brave at playing virtual reality games, they are not as brave when confronting their feelings and fears in the real world.
Look, I know I voluntarily requested and read an advanced copy of this book and that all thoughts and opinions are my own, however, if you are into YA novels that are short and sweet and incorporate a variety of themes then I’d recommend reading this.

Also reviewed on: Goodreads.

Pre-order the book on Amazon today: $5.05


Songs I listened to while reading this book:

  • In My Blood- Shawn Mendes
  • Slide- James Bay
  • Beneath the Streetlights and the Moon- JP Cooper